Live in Arlington?  Thinking about moving here?  This site is for you.  It includes a list of more than 365 things to do in Arlington.  In addition, AllAroundArlington.com includes local news, links to local resources, information on neighborhoods, homes for sale, and market statistics.  Be sure to visit our Facebook Page 365 Things to Do in Arlington, Virginia.  If you LIKE the Facebook page, you will receive regular posts of places to go, events, places to eat and much more. Feel free to browse our selections, comment or leave a suggestion of your own favorites.

Looking for Things to Do in Arlington, Virginia?

Some time ago I  started a Facebook page with 365 Things To Do in Arlington where I put a new post each day of something to do in the area.  After several months I realized I should also include that list on this site as a permanent resource.  Although some of the items on Facebook were date specific many of these events happen on an annual basis so I have  tried to make them more generic here.  If you “Like” the Facebook page you will receive regular updates in your news feed of things to do in Arlington.

Please check with the websites to get the most accurate information though as dates change, restaurants and shops close and new ones take their place, and certain events may be discontinued.  Feel free to offer suggestions – you  can include local restaurants, night life, music venues, attractions, parks, hiking trails, shops, fairs and festivals, special events or any other ideas of what makes Arlington, Virginia such a great place to live, work and visit.


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